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Welcome to tuxgraphics.org,

the place for avr microcontroller, DIY electronics and science fun!


We have avr microcontroller and other electronics, tuxo glue, calendars and more. Come in and have a look!


Explore the world of avr microcontrollers and DIY electronics stuff.


A number of mostly javascript based calculators.

Gini and Karl's world

Find out more about our two cute penguins and enjoy reading their blogs.

Photo Gallery

Here you find some pictures from Canada, Europe and the US.


Send an electronic postcard greeting to your friends

Older stuff (a bit dusty now but might still be useful if you are interested in those topics):

Graphics, Film & Animation Tutorials
Linux stuff

The tuxgraphics Online Shop

In our online shop you can find all the components you need to start tinkering. We have avr microcontrollers and other electronic project kits, tuxo glue, calendars and more. Come in and have a look at our Online-Shop!

AVR microcontrollers and DIY electronics projects and tutorials

In our electronics section you can find tutorials on how to build your own avr programmer, a digital DC power supply, a tiny web server, an ethernet weather station, usb slide show presenter and lots more. Just go to the electronics section, choose the article you like and start reading. You can then find all the necessary components to build the project yourself in our Online-Shop. Let yourself get inspired and start building!


Take a look at the tuxgraphics free online toolbox with utilities and calculators.

Gini and Karl's world

Gini and Karl are two tux penguins who are curious, inventive and always want to share their knowledge. If you want to know more about them meet them in the Gini and Karl's world section where you can e.g. read

Photo gallery

Relax while looking at the photos of our travels in Canada, Europe and the US.

Enjoy your exploration and discoveries through the exciting pages of tuxgraphics.org!

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